Katy Strait Chavez, Attorney-at-Law

Immigration Benefits for Young Immigrants- DACA Program

USCIS is currently accepting renewals for DACA for ALL applicants that have ever had DACA.  If an applicant has been expired for more than a year, they nmust submit additional proof, but they CAN renew.

Beginning on July 23rd, 2018 we are expecting to be able to submit NEW applications for DACA for those that have aged into the program (turned 15) or that qualify but never applied before.  We are cautiously optimistic that we will also be able to begin submitting Advance Parole applications again as well.

We do not know how long DACA renewals will be available.  We are optimistic that the current policy will continue through at least June of 2019.  However there is no guarantee and I am currently recommending that all applicants submit renewals as soon as possible.  

After January 2019 we hope that the new Congress will pass legislation for a more permanent solution for Dreamers.


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